The basic principles of ONLINE MARKETING remain constant whether one is selling goods or services in the home market or overseas. There are, however, additional considerations which apply to exporting, such as an understanding of currency differences and the problems associated with specific tariff structures and quota restrictions, with which the Export ONLINE MARKETING Manager must contend.


A manufacturing organization which is prepared to enter export markets seriously, gains a number of advantages. Its primary objective, of course, will be to enlarge its profits. This is, however, not the only gain. There are others which, in the long term, can exert an important influence on the company's overall efficiency and commercial competence and which can produce far-reaching benefits. The experience of trading in a number of different markets offers a challenge which can only be met by a constant reappraisal of policies and methods. This in itself creates an invigorating influence throughout the organization. It prevents the somnambulance which is inclined to overtake companies who have achieved their objectives in the narrow confines of a reasonably predictable home market, devoid of strong competition.

If exporting acts as a tonic to ONLINE MARKETING and Sales, it can also be a blessing to the Production and Research Departments. The increased production which the growth of overseas trading will demand can result in the better utilization of underemployed resources of both labour and plant. Furthermore, the multiplicity of markets which exporting can achieve acts as a cushion against fluctuating demand. A recession in one market is frequently offset by boom conditions elsewhere. Thus production problems are eased and plant can be operated more efficiently.

So far as Research and Development is concerned, the existence of export potential tends to reduce the research cost per unit of the product. Perhaps of greater importance, however, is the international feedback of technical information which results when a company operates in foreign markets.

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