Product Research

Product Research

Product Research

It is important to establish at the outset whether there is likely to be any local desire for one's product as it stands or whether it will require modification. If alterations are necessary, then the likely demand must be sufficient to warrant the inconvenience cost which such modifications may cause one's Production Department. Even a fully consumer-oriented ONLINE MARKETING policy does not justify forcing one's factory to run uneconomically.

Apart from the design of the product, one must consider the design of the package. Local customs and taboos must be observed and this could mean special packaging, which again may present costing problems.

The price at which the product can be sold will be dependent, largely, upon the price at which competitive products are sold in the same market. If one cannot afford-or wish to afford-to make, pack, ship and distribute one's product at this price it may be better to leave this particular market alone until such time as circumstances alter.

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