Business organizations are getting more difficult to control as they get bigger and more complex. In a fast-changing world, market conditions, too, become increasingly uncertain. In industrial markets, particularly, the fruits of technological expertise make product acceptability subject to constant change. One of the major problems faced by management in industrial companies is that priorities are largely dictated by events and too high a proportion of thought and effort is devoted to the achievement of short-term aims. This is not always in the best long-term interest. Corporate planning, although of course not specifically related to industrial marketing, has been found by many firms to provide the answer to this dilemma.

Corporate planning has been defined as the planning of the development of all the resources of the organization in a coordinated manner. It sets up a commitment to achieve a plan which will embrace the entire activities of the company. In its simplest form, corporate planning entails an examination of the market which the company wishes to penetrate, on the one hand, and considers the resources available to it on the other. Based upon the market opportunities which it considers are available and the resources at the firm's disposal and which can be utilized, certain basic objectives are decided upon. Plans are then drawn up. Both long-term and short-term programmes are put into operation to achieve a stated level of ultimate performance for the entire organization.

There are certain factors which the ONLINE MARKETING Manager should take into account when drawing up his plan. These are (1) his market, (2) his resources and (3) his objectives.

Study of the market and of the general environment in which it exists should be a continuous process. All factors involved in the market situation need to be established and considered. In looking at its market the company must have an objective and not a subjective attitude. It should look beyond its present situation. It should consider the factors which operate in the market in its widest sense. When such a view has been taken it becomes possible to construct the likely pattern which will occur in those segments of the market in which the firm is operating currently or in which it may decide to operate in the future.

In the ONLINE MARKETING of industrial goods it is necessary to look beyond immediate user industries. The future pattern of the end-use market must be considered. The size of the population, its per capita income and its future pattern of consumption are the things which, ultimately, control one's immediate industrial market. Working back from this wide spectrum one must assess how the possible changes in the total market situation are likely to effect the detailed pattern of the industry or industries which will utilize one's industrial products. At the same time, consideration must be given to the likely long-term trends not only in demand but also in the supply situation.

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