D. The Quota System

D. The Quota System

D. The Quota System

A further modification and the method most frequently used for consumer surveys is known as the Quota System. Here, the first stage is to decide upon the size of the sample which will be taken and then to stratify the universe. This stratification-or dividing into sections-will be carried out on the basis of age, sex, marital status, income group, occupation, and the size of the town, suburb or village in which the respondents live.

When this has been completed, the entire sample is divided by the total number of interviewing days which are considered necessary to complete the survey. For example, if we assume that an interviewer can complete twenty interviews in a day and that the total number of questionnaires to be filled out numbers 2,000, the sample will be divided into 100 parts. Each interviewer is then given a quota, in this case twenty persons, whom she must find and interview. She is entrusted with the task of selecting her own respondents, but these must fit closely the various categories the researcher will stipulate, based on the stratification of the universe already carried out.

The Quota System is not considered to be as representative as the Probability or Random methods, but it is much cheaper to operate. The costly listing of the entire universe is eliminated and the interviewer does not have to make recalls to interview specific people not at home at the time of her first visit, as is the case in the other two methods.

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