C. The Random System

C. The Random System

C. The Random System

The Random System is a simplification of the above. It does not require a complete register of the population which is being surveyed. Small areas of the country are selected at random and in each of these districts one particular address is chosen, also at random, as the starting point of the interviewer's route. Calls are then made at every house in the street whose number ends in a randomly chosen unit. The interviewer then moves to the next street which has been chosen on a random basis and the process is repeated.

A modification of this method is to list, in the first instance, all the districts in the country, urban and rural, and then to select, on a random basis, a limited number of districts for the conduct of interviews. Within those districts houses will be selected at random. Thus the geographical scatter of the homes which have been selected for interviewing is reduced without causing any reduction to the representativeness of the sample.

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