We have seen that the functions of the ONLINE MARKETING Manager in a modern business organization are many and varied. Their degree of importance will depend upon the nature of the business and the types of markets in which it is operating. In any business, however, the work of the Sales Department must engage a major portion of the ONLINE MARKETING Manager's time and attention. Because the human factor plays such a dominant part in selling, the Sales Department is likely to be the most volatile sector in the ONLINE MARKETING Manager's sphere of responsibility.


In many companies, the function of ONLINE MARKETING management and sales management are still combined. Where this occurs one usually finds that the manager is, in fact, trying to do two jobs he is trying to maintain control of the company's ONLINE MARKETING activities from his office whilst also attempting to direct the sales force in the field. This is bad organization. Neither one aspect can be tackled with thoroughness and efficiency without neglecting the other. The direction of a sales force is a full-time job and it is unfair and unrealistic for a company to expect one man to combine these duties with an overall responsibility for marketing.

In this webpage we shall consider the functions of the Sales Manager as distinct from those of the ONLINE MARKETING Manager. On the assumption that he will be appointed by and report to the ONLINE MARKETING Manager, we must consider first the type of individual who is most likely to be suitable for this role and the degree of authority and responsibility to be entrusted to him.

Ask any energetic young salesman to state his ambition and he is likely to tell you that he wants to become a sales manager.

While, no doubt, this is fully commendable, the fact is that good salesmen do not necessarily make good managers. A characteristic of many successful salesmen is an individual outlook, an ability and, also, a liking, for working on their own initiative and with the minimum of assistance (or interference) from either colleagues or superiors. Good salesmen are not necessarily good organizers. They may be able to organize themselves effectively, but often lack the ability or the desire to organize others. Furthermore, one often finds that attention to detail is not a strong point among salesmen.

In view of these factors, one cannot find a good Sales Manager merely by promoting one's best salesman. Fortunately, however, a good Sales Manager does not necessarily have to be a good salesman. Indeed, a man who, above all else, wants to sell, may find it difficult to settle down to the task of management. He may find the detailed work of organizing others irksome and may tend to revert to being a super-salesman, thus not only neglecting his new duties of management, but also duplicating and interfering with the activities of the salesmen under his command.

In selecting a salesman for promotion to Sales Manager, one must look for a man with management potential. Such an individual will already have shown himself capable of working harmoniously with other people. He will have earned the respect of those around him, not because of any rank or position which he holds, but because, in character and in behaviour, he earns respect for his integrity, because he is both decisive but courteous and applies diligence and intelligence in his work. The man to avoid is one who seeks, habitually, a familiar relationship, not only with his equals but also with subordinates within the organization. He may be highly popular while he remains a salesman. Make him a manager and his staff will distrust his friendliness and disrespect his authority.

The Sales Manager who is promoted from the ranks of the sales force should, ideally, possess a philosophical nature protected by a reasonably thick skin. Certainly, sales management is no task for either the sensitive neurotic or the unfeeling slave driver. A good sales team will work at its best only if it is led by a man who is judged by his subordinates as being fair-minded. This is important. A good team of salesmen takes a considerable time to create. Having been created, it needs careful attention to ensure that moral is maintained at a high level. The salesman sees his company, very much, in the image of his Sales Manager. If he has cause to feel resentment at the way in which his manager treats him, his work will be adversely affected. Once discontent creeps into a sales team it spreads rapidly and morale can become quickly undermined. The ONLINE MARKETING Manager, whose whole policy can be made or marred by the effectiveness of his field sales force, must keep a watchful eye on the relationship between the Sales Manager and his salesmen.

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