Choice of Advertisement 'Copy'

Choice of Advertisement 'Copy'

Choice of Advertisement 'Copy'

Apart from its size and position in the newspaper, your advertisement requires careful wording. Where you are seeking to attract applicants who may have little or no knowledge of your company, the announcement should be designed to convey something of the integrity and reliability of the organization, the trade or industry in which it operates and its standing in that industry. If the firm is a member of a well-known group of companies, or has a long trading history, or is the leading producer in its field, these facts should be stated. Too often, it is forgotten that, if a company is to recruit the best men available, it has to sell itself to them as an attractive employer.

The nature of the job which is being offered should be stated clearly. As much information as possible should be provided with regard to the geographical area and the types of products involved, as well as the types of outlets-retail, wholesale, local authority, government departments, industrial-to which these goods are to be sold.

Information on the type of man one is seeking should be detailed by age, educational attainment, the need for mobility, the possession of a driving licence and previous business experience. Finally, the advertisement should state the benefits which the company offers, such as the provision of a car, insurance and pension schemes and holiday entitlement. Some firms state the salary scale they are offering in the advertisement; others prefer to omit any precise figure and say that the salesman's remuneration will be negotiated on the basis of his qualifications and experience.

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