Choice of Advertising Media

Choice of Advertising Media

Choice of Advertising Media

When one is seeking the recruitment of salesmen experienced in a particular trade or industry, the appropriate trade and technical press may prove a suitable medium and advertising rates are generally cheaper than those of the national daily newspapers. The readership of such journals will, however, be limited in the main to individuals working currently in the specialized fields for which they cater. If you wish to cast your net wider to attract men who may currently be engaged in selling in other markets, or if you propose to recruit young men with little or no selling experience and to provide them with training, it will be necessary to advertise in the quality national press, and in Britain this means The Times, the Guardian, the Daily Telegraph and the Sunday Times.

The 'situations vacant' columns of newspapers offer a choice between classified and display advertisements. A classified advertisement is charged on the basis of the number of words which appear in the announcement, whereas, for a display advertisement, the cost is calculated on an area basis, per column/inch. The width of a single column in most of the quality newspapers is about 1+ inches. An advertisement space of two columns, three inches will, therefore, measure about three inches wide by three inches depth.

The decision to use a classified or a display advertisement to announce any particular vacancy will depend upon the degree of impact one wishes to achieve and the amount of space needed to state one's requirements. Vacancies advertised by the leading national and international companies are usually to be found in the display rather than the classified columns. To what extent this is the result of 'big company' ostentation one cannot judge. Certainly, there appears to be a tendency for firms to try to outdo one another in the contest to recruit senior staff. A stage has now been reached where it would seem that companies expect to be judged by the size of their appointments advertisements! An announcement of only modest size should, on this basis, tend to denigrate the importance either of the company or of the vacancy concerned. However nonsensical this situation may appear, the fact remains that, to attract the best attention and to achieve a good response, one much ensure that an advertisement for sales staff is prominently displayed.

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