Job Analysis

Job Analysis

Job Analysis

It is important, therefore, that at the outset one decides what the salesman has to do. A job analysis should be prepared, listing the functions to be performed, the responsibilities the man will carry, the limitations within which he will have to work and the results he will be expected to achieve.

An analysis of this kind is helpful, not only in selecting the source from which applicants may be found, but also in the preparation of advertisements, in describing the job to the applicant during the interview and in drafting the letter which may confirm, subsequently, his appointment.

As we shall see later, the job analysis can be the basis for the job specification which, ideally, should be drawn up for every salesman-indeed, for every employee of the company! Too often, the investment aspect of staff engagement is overlooked; yet if one considers exactly what is involved, financially, in employing a salesman, and takes into account his salary and expenses over a number of years, it can look like this:

Salary (say) �1,500 per annum

Expenses (say) �1,500 per annum

Total �3,000 per annum

Without accounting for cost-of-living or merit increases, or the possible effect of inflation on his expenses, over a period of five years' service he will have cost the company �15,000. If One keeps him for twenty years, �60,000! Before spending that kind of money on a piece of machinery, One would almost certainly draw up a specification of one's requirements.

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