Recruitment by Means of Consultants

 Recruitment by Means of Consultants

Recruitment by Means of Consultants

Management consultancy firms have proliferated in recent years in order to meet the increasing problems of staff recruitment. The best of them perform a very useful service to employers by bringing professional expertise to the task of selecting suitable candidates, particularly for senior management positions. They can also provide a useful source for the recruitment of experienced salesmen.

The cost involved in using the services of a consultant usually differs little from that of a display advertisement in a national daily newspaper. One has the advantage, however, that the candidates short-listed by the agency have already been screened. The agency will usually ensure that their ages, qualifications and experience are in harmony with the specifications which one has laid down. Generally speaking, the consultant's fee is in the region of 5 to 10 per cent of the annual salary to be paid to the successful applicant. Should the employee resign the position within a few months of engagement, it is normal for the agency to refund a proportion of the fee to the employer.

The value of consultants in the recruitment of men for sales positions who have little or no previous selling experience is limited. This is because, in the absence of a selling history, any assessment must depend to a large extent upon the personal opinion of the interviewer. Employers usually prefer to form their own opinion of potential novice salesmen. Engaging a 'greenhorn' is always a gamble. Generally, if one is going to set a man to selling who has never done it before, the odds for success are likely to be slightly better if one promotes from within the company, rather than selecting an outsider.

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