The Suitability of Display Material

The Suitability of Display Material

The Suitability of Display Material

We have seen that the purpose of point-of-sale display is to remind the shopper of all the interest and persuasion that has been created previously by advertisements in other media and to exploit it at the moment of decision to purchase. We must remember also the importance of consistency and repetition. This means that point-of-sale advertising must put across the same selling message in the same style. Consistency is vital because, in a crowded store, the customer may have neither time nor inclination to read consciously what we have to say. Thus the layout of the advertisement display, the colours and print type employed, above all the phrases and slogans used in the final message, must be the same as those used in the general advertising campaign. If the product we are selling is contained in a package, then the colour of the package and print type should again be consistent to achieve that final visual recognition of the brand which we have been building up, at a high appropriation cost, for days or weeks beforehand.

One should not attempt to say too much in point-of-sale advertisements. The story should be condensed to its basic essentials. This is your last 'punch' before the customer's final decision wins or loses you a sale. For this reason you may be tempted to spend a great deal of money on large or complex point-of-sale equipment, such as illuminated signs or mobiles. Before doing so, one must consider the attitude of the retailer.

The retailer looks for the support of his suppliers to help him to sell his merchandise. The provision of suitable point-of-sale material will often influence the distributor to run a particular line or to give a specific brand a greater share of his limited display space. But the emphasis is on suitability and the manufacturer must take account of the circumstances which are likely to occur in the majority of retail outlets where his brand is to be displayed. For example, some of the large national multiple stores have clearly defined regulations concerning the size and type of manufacturer's display material which they consider to be acceptable. A counter display unit, which may be eminently suitable for the counter of a personal-service retail shop, could be useless in a supermarket which has no counters. A piece of display equipment which takes up a comparatively large area of floor space may be impracticable for the small shopkeeper and oiler a danger hazard for shoppers accompanied by young children.

Any equipment which requires erection on site should be care-fully designed. There is often a reluctance on the part both of salesmen and retailers' assistants to spend time erecting display material when they feel that their energies are better employed in their conventional selling activities. For this reason also, such equipment needs to be easily portable and capable, wherever possible, of being stowed in the boot of the salesman's car.

When insufficient heed is paid to these considerations, the result can be a high rate of wastage of time, money and effort. All too frequently, companies spend an inordinate proportion of their advertising appropriation on point-of-sale equipment that is never fully used. It will be advisable, therefore, for the ONLINE MARKETING Manager to give some thought to the practical conditions in which his display material has to do its work.

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The Trade is, of course, a major source of product ideas. All manufacturers examine, with avid interest, the new products of their competitors.

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