To Whom Are We Selling?

To Whom Are We Selling?

To Whom Are We Selling?

When it comes to a consideration of to whom we are selling, a similar depth penetration is required. Once more, we must get down beneath the obvious to discover who it is, in the consumer market for our particular product, who really makes the ultimate buying decision. Let us refer again to the example of the breakfast cereal. Who, in the main, eats cereals at breakfast time? Research shows that, generally speaking, it is families with children who buy the most cereals. The majority of parents care about their children's well-being and conscientious mothers try to ensure that their offspring leave each morning for school with something nourishing inside them. But mothers with a family to get off in the morning do not have an abundance of time in which to prepare complicated meals and one of the merits of the breakfast cereal is that it requires no cooking. It is easy and quick to prepare. Furthermore, it is easy and quick to eat and, therefore, likely to be popular with children. From this we may deduce that the mothers of young children are likely to be the people to whom we are selling when our product is a breakfast cereal.

There is, however, something more that we should bear in mind. We must remember the old saying that it is one thing to take a horse to water but another to make it drink. Mother may put before little Johnnie a dish of cereal, but she cannot, necessarily, get him to eat it. If Johnnie prefers Brand X and mother has bought Brand Y, then mother may have a problem on her hands. So far as she is concerned, the nutritive value of X and Y may be indistinguishable and both are quick and easy to prepare. Thus, it is not to Mother alone that we are selling, but to little Johnnie as well, This is why the majority of advertising for breakfast cereals is orientated towards both the mother and the child.

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The Trade is, of course, a major source of product ideas. All manufacturers examine, with avid interest, the new products of their competitors.

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