1. Direct from Advertisement

1. Direct from Advertisement

1. Direct from Advertisement

Using the first method, the manufacturer places an advertisement in a suitable newspaper or magazine, describing in considerable detail the product he is offering, together with an illustration. All the essential information which the customer needs is provided with details of price and how to order. Some advertisers include in the advertisement a small order form which the purchaser may cut out and enclose with his remittance. The order form is important because provision is made for the customer's name and address and the form is usually coded to enable the manufacturer to classify the response which his announcement has drawn from adverts in several different journals.

The main advantage of the direct-from-advertisement method is that the manufacturer obtains an immediate response to his announcement. It also avoids the cost of the provision of sales literature which is involved in the other two methods. The chief disadvantage lies in the greater advertising costs incurred. The advertisement has to do the whole selling job. This means that a larger space has to be taken in the newspaper or journal concerned.

Selling direct from the advertisement imposes certain conditions on the choice of merchandise to be offered. It is likely to be most successful for products which are easily recognizable to the public and do not require lengthy description. Products should ideally be in the price range of �3 to �7 and have a fairly unique selling proposition. A reasonably long profit margin is desirable to cover the comparatively high advertising expenditure. The product should be relatively easy to mail or ship and be unlikely to suffer damage in transit.

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