The provision of 'give-aways' such as plastic flowers, small toys or novelties with each item of the product which is sold is yet another method of motivating the consumer to buy one's brand in preference to that of competitors.

There are considerable advantages to be gained from the use of promotions. It has been established that an increase in sales of up to one thousand per cent can be achieved during the period of a well-considered and well-run campaign. There are, however, disadvantages. After all the extra effort and outlay-on special printing, the provision of additional display material, the distribution of coupons and samples---has been costed, it is often found that there has been no lasting increase in sales.

� Consumers who have been attracted to buy the product during

� the promotion period, rapidly revert, once the campaign is over,

to their former buying habits. Indeed, the very profusion of coupon schemes, self-liquidating offers and bargain packs provided by competing manufacturers has the effect of weakening the brand loyalty upon the promotion of which they spend

� vast sums of money in advertising. Increasingly, there is a tendency for promotional schemes to become defensive, for one manufacturer to believe that he must answer another's promotion with one of his own. It should be remembered, however, that

� trade and consumer deals are but one weapon in the ONLINE MARKETING Manager's armoury. Their value should be neither under-estimated nor over-stressed. Promotions are an adjunct to, not a substitute for, good ONLINE MARKETING policy.

Further reading - Distribution Research

Please Note

The Trade is, of course, a major source of product ideas. All manufacturers examine, with avid interest, the new products of their competitors.

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